India provides Myanmar aid under friendship project


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India has stretched out a $5 million guide to Myanmar in the second round of financing under the Myanmar-India Friendship Project, specialists said on Tuesday.

The money help was given over by Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri to Myanmar Minister of Border Affairs Lt-Gen Ye Aung on Monday, reports Xinhua news office.

Myanmar and India marked a Memorandum of Understanding for outskirt improvement in May 2012 as a feature of the venture, under which India is to give an aggregate of $25 million to Myanmar, isolated into five rounds with $5 million each.

With the first round of help, Myanmar finished eight street and scaffold ventures, 21 school undertakings and 17 wellbeing ventures in Chin state and the Naga Self-Administered Zone in 2015, the experts said.

Continuously round of money help expanded, Myanmar will finish 20 street and extension tasks and 11 school ventures.


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