Petrol, Diesel Price Cut for 11th Time on Softening International Oil Prices


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Petrol cost was cut by 40 paise a liter and diesel by 33 paise a liter on Sunday, the eleventh straight decrease in rates on softening universal oil costs.

Petrol in Delhi currently costs Rs 80.05 a liter and diesel is estimated at Rs 74.05 for every liter, as indicated by a value warning issued by state-claimed oil firms.

In 11 straight cuts, petroleum cost has been decreased by Rs 2.78 for every liter and diesel by Rs 1.64 a liter.

The rates are off their record high of Rs 84 for each liter for petroleum and Rs 75.45 a liter for diesel addressed October 4. On that day, the administration chose to cut extract obligation on petroleum and diesel by Rs 1.50 for every liter each and asked state-claimed fuel retailers to sponsor by another Re 1 a liter by diminishing their edges.

Resulting to this, the oil cost came down to Rs 81.50 for every liter and diesel at Rs 72.95 a liter on October 5, the announcement said.

Be that as it may, as the global oil costs kept on rising, cost of petroleum and diesel in Delhi expanded to Rs 82.83 for each liter and Rs 75.69 for each liter by October 16. In any case, starting October 18, universal oil costs have been falling and rupee has additionally valued.

The twin elements have cut down fuel costs to two-month low. “According to the appraisal, the retail costs of oil and diesel may reign simple in the following couple of days,” an official proclamation had said on October 26.

The retail offering cost of petroleum and diesel is subject to the global costs of benchmark fuel and the rupee-US dollar conversion scale. This is on account of an extensive extent of nation’s prerequisite is met through imports


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