Petrol, Diesel prices rise for the second consecutive day


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The cost of petroleum and diesel was seen expanding ceaselessly for the second back to back day. In Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, petroleum costs were up by 14 paise, while in Chennai it was 15 paise per liter. Diesel is estimated at 15 paise in Delhi and Kolkata and 16 paise per liter in Mumbai and Chennai. Costs have mellowed after reports of unrefined petroleum holds in the US expanded. Brent unrefined costs, in any case, stayed near $ 67 a barrel.

Shoppers of market specialists trusts that costs of oil and diesel may increment as the costs of Brent rough have expanded by five to six dollars a barrel in the previous two weeks.

As per the IndianOil site, costs of petroleum in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have gone up to Rs 71.29, Rs 73.39, Rs 76.93 and Rs 74.02 per liter, separately. Costs of diesel have likewise ascended to Rs 66.48 and Rs 68.27 per liter, Rs 69.63 and Rs 70.25 per liter separately in every one of the metros.


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