Petrol prices remain unchanged on Sunday, diesel declines


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Petrol prices over the four metropolitan urban cities stayed unaltered on Sunday, while the cost of diesel kept on declining.

In the national capital, petroleum on Sunday sold at Rs 70.34 per liter, at a similar cost of the earlier day, information on the Indian Oil Corporation site appeared.

Costs in the other key urban areas of Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai on Sunday stayed at Rs 72.43, Rs 75.96, Rs 72.99 per liter, individually, as on the earlier day.

The cost of petroleum ascended without precedent for two months on Thursday and stayed unaltered on Friday. According to the nation’s dynamic evaluating component, the household fuel costs rely on global fuel costs on a 15-day normal and the estimation of the rupee. The rupee falling in an incentive against the US dollar by more than three percent amid this week has counterbalanced increases from lower unrefined petroleum costs.

The expense of diesel kept on declining with the fuel being sold at Rs 64.38 per liter in Delhi on Sunday, down from the past dimension of Rs 64.50.

In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, diesel was evaluated at Rs 66.14, Rs 67.38 and Rs 67.97 individually, against Saturday’s particular dimensions of Rs 66.26, Rs 67.50 and Rs 68.10.

UK Brent rough exchanged around $61 per barrel on Friday in the wake of rising almost two percent the day preceding, after the oil makers’ consent to cut yield by 1.2 million barrels per day from January to shore up falling costs that have slid strongly from the dimension of $86 a barrel in October.


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