Saudi Arabia banned import of produce from Kerala, because of Nipah.


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Saudi Arabia has banned frozen and processed fruits and vegetable imports from Kerala in the midst of worries over the destructive Nipah virus flare-up.

The Nipah infection itself can cause encephalitis – a hazardous swelling of the mind – and normal manifestations shift from none to raised fevers, cough, migraine, shortness of breath and disarray, the Gulf News provided details regarding Monday.

On May 29, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) prohibited imports from Kerala.

UAE authorities reported that 100 tons of organic product, vegetables and new deliver that should have been transported in from Kerala was denied from passage.

A UAE-based wellbeing supplier, VPS Healthcare, sent a trip to the Kerala government conveying medicinal supplies that will help the battle against Nipah.

As of date, of the 18 constructive cases, 16 have passed on and the staying two are recuperating admirably at a Kozhikode doctor’s facility while the around 2,000 individuals, who have answered to have interacted with the influenced, are being checked.


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