IIT KGP collaborates with top French doctoral network to promote research


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IIT KGP collaborates with top French doctoral community to promote studies

Kharagpur: A French community of doctoral schools and IIT Kharagpur have come together to bolster institutional collaboration in doctoral training and research, the premiere Indian institute stated in a declaration on Thursday.

The initiative will promote interplay and collaboration among IIT KGP and the doctoral schools (or equivalent systems) of REDOC SPI through visits and trade programmes. It may even encourage joint academic and studies doctoral programmes and joint supervision of doctoral college students on a reciprocal basis.
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An MoU became signed in Kolkata on Wednesday.

IIT KGP and REDOC SPI will launch dedicated sections on their websites to share and promote information and opportunities related to doctoral research in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, the statement stated.

Under the collaboration, outgoing mobility of PhD college students can be encouraged on a reciprocal foundation. Funding opportunities will be sought from Indo-French ‘Raman Charpak Fellowship’ programme, aside other investment programmes to be had in each international locations.

“This is a truely interesting partnership allowing engagement of our Institute with 27 Doctoral Schools in the course of France,” said Anandaroop Bhattacharya, Associate Dean, International Relations and coordinator of the collaborative initiative at IIT KGP.

“They might also proportion and perform joint research in technology for distance and laptop-based mastering” stated Bhattacharya.

Prof. Hubert Romat, Director, International Relations, will be the Coordinator from REDOC SPI.

REDOC SPI is the most effective Network of French Doctoral Schools inside the field of Physical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


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