Second list helped IITs fill up to 858 vacant seats


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Upwards of 858 BTech situates crosswise over 23 IITs could have gone empty this year had the chief foundations not discharged a broadened legitimacy list for affirmation, data gotten by The Sunday Express under the Right to Information Act has appeared.

On June 14, IIT-Kanpur — the sorting out organization for JEE-Advanced for the current year — weakened the total cut-off score by ten rate focuses to grow the pool of qualified hopefuls. The broadened legitimacy list had 13,850 understudies (8,961 general, 771 SC, 293 ST and 3,825 OBC) notwithstanding the rundown discharged on June 10 that had 18,138. Because of a RTI application, IIT-Kanpur said that of the 13,850 hopefuls in the expanded legitimacy list, 858 anchored affirmation in various undergrad programs crosswise over 23 IITs.

This was the first occasion when that cut-off imprints were amended after outcomes were announced. The uncommon choice was taken after headings by the Center in the wake of worries that the primary legitimacy list did not have enough possibility to fill each of the 11, 279 seats.

The Indian Express, on June 11, had revealed that when the IIT-JEE was renamed JEE-Advanced and the qualification criteria for the passageway test changed, the quantity of competitors who qualified had dependably been no less than double the quantity of seats on offer. However, the 18,138 understudies (in the rundown reported on June 10) were just 1.6 times the aggregate seats, making it the most modest number of qualified applicants since 2012.

Of the 858 understudies who anchored affirmation after the broadened rundown, 156 were from the general classification, 34 from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) class and 658 from Other Backward Classes (OBC).

As indicated by an individual from the Joint Admission Board of the IITs, who asked for namelessness, no less than 200 seats and upwards of 858 could have been left empty had the IITs not changed the total cut-off score. This would have likely been the most astounding number of empty IIT situates ever.

“The court grants us to change over unfilled OBC seats to general class. On the off chance that the IITs were to concede understudies just through the principal list, at that point the 658 OBC seats, which were generally taken up by OBC applicants in the broadened rundown, would have been changed over to general,” said the Joint Admission Board part.

“Clearly, a portion of the changed over seats in famous projects would have discovered takers among general competitors in the principal list. Be that as it may, even from that point forward, the quantity of opening would have been extensive. It will be sheltered to accept that no less than 200 seats (filled by 156 general and 34 ST competitors in the broadened rundown) and at most 858 seats would have fallen empty.”

This year, after seven rounds of advising, around 120 seats were abandoned with the most in IIT-BHU (41) trailed by IIT-Dhanbad (24) and IIT-Jodhpur (15).


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