‘I would love to work with Akshay Kumar but our timings won’t match’: Shah Rukh Khan


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Speak to most of the more youthful age of actors like Ayushmann Khurrana, Vicky Kaushal, Rajkummar Rao or Kartik Aaryan and they will make reference to how they might want to function at having different film discharges a year, a la Bollywood’s unique superhuman Akshay Kumar. Akki is maybe the most trained performing artist on the scene as of now and on the off chance that he can convey five movies per year, he will do it.

Obviously, not every person can imitate him in light of the fact that the Hindi film industry’s Khiladi has the best time-the executives abilities. He finishes the vast majority of his tasks in 40-45 days and is so dependable on set, you can modify your watch as indicated by his entry. Everybody is jealous of the Gold performing artist. In any case, just a couple can emulate his example.

Shah Rukh Khan, who has an extraordinary comical inclination, was as of late inquired as to whether he would ‘oversee’ to complete three movies or more a year. Or then again shockingly better whether he would finish up completing a film with Akshay. Showing his trademark dimples, SRK grinned and answered, ‘What do I say to this? I don’t get up as ahead of schedule as him.’ Laughing, he included, ‘I rest when Akshay is awakening. His day begins early. When I begin working, he is pressing up and returning home. So he can put in more long periods of work. I’m a nighttime individual. Very few individuals are partial to shooting during the evening like me.’

SRK likewise envisioned a situation in the event that he and the Bollywood hotshot wound up in a film. He stated, ‘It will be enjoyable to act with Akshay. Dono set pe hey nahin milenge. Woh jaa raha hoga aur fundamental aa raha hounga (giggles). He’ll be leaving the set and I’ll be coming in. I might want to work like Akshay and with him, however our timings won’t coordinate.’


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