Just those ‘asking for vote’ have Iftar parties says Telangana BJP MLA


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HYDERABAD: Only those “asking for vote” have Iftar gatherings, questionable Telangana BJP MLA T Raja Singh Lodh said on Monday, proclaiming he would neither host nor go to such occasions.
Known for putting forth hostile expressions, the MLA from Goshamahal voting public in Hyderabad posted a video message on a long range interpersonal communication site where he said one of his companions proposed him to hold an Iftar party like numerous different officials do amid the sacred month of Ramzan.
“Nowadays numerous Telangana officials are caught up with facilitating Iftar gatherings, wearing skull tops and taking selfies. They think in the event that they need to do vote bank legislative issues, they should consider ‘sabka saath, sabha vikas’ (as one will all, improvement for all).
“This is their reasoning. The individuals who sit with them (those going to Iftar) are ‘vote ke bhikhari’ (hobos for vote). My reasoning is extraordinary,” he said.
Singh said his religion Hinduism encouraged offering appreciation to everybody.
“However, a few religions and their religious books lecture slaughter Hindus as they may be ‘Kafir’ (a term truly meaning non-adherents yet regularly translated as offending to devotees of different religions). How might I go to an Iftar or host one for the individuals who discuss murdering Hindus?” he said.
Singh said when his companion debated his dispute and needed a proof in help of his claim, he disclosed to him that it was specified in the “green book”.
“This green book is in charge of the spread of fear mongering in India and it ought to be prohibited. I will battle to get it restricted,” he said.
The BJP pioneer said he longs for an “akhand Hindu rashtra” (a unified Hindu country), constructing a Ram sanctuary in Ayodhya, a prohibition on cow butcher in the whole nation and return of dislodged Kashmiri Pandits.
He said it was a direct result of “secularwadi” (secularist) Hindus that the Mughals and the British ruled India.
“At the point when there are more than 50 Muslim nations and in excess of 100 Christian nations, for what reason can’t there be a solitary Hindu country?” he inquired.
Singh has been reserved by the Hyderabad police a few times over asserted provocative addresses and articulations.
Singh as of late charged Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of facilitating Iftar at various mosques in the state to “assuage” the minorities.
BJP is brimming with such squalid uneducated individuals like him who long for awesome and stunning things.
“KCR needs help from Center as state is in money related emergency however for settlement of minorities #Telangana government is burning through 66 crore for #Iftar party Development over vote bank legislative issues #Iftar legislative issues,” he tweeted


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