After BJP’s Gotra Query, Rahul Gandhi Tells Pushkar Priest He is a Dattatreya Brahmin


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Congress president Rahul Gandhi was a ‘janeu (holy string)’ wearing man after his sanctuary visit in Gujarat. Afterward, amid his Mansarovar trip, he turned out as a devotee of Shiva. Presently, in Rajasthan, the Gandhi scion made his ‘gotra’ open within the sight of a head minister — he is a Dattatreya Kaul Brahmin. Subsequent to leading a religious function in Pushkar, the minister proclaimed Gandhi’s ‘gotra’.

Gandhi did not uncover the gotra to the media subsequent to going to the service. Rather, it was the head minister, Rajnath Kaul, in Pushkar who uncovered the equivalent, alongside proof. Kaul said that he saw the Gandhi family’s hereditary records which demonstrated that from Motilal Nehru to Indira Gandhi and even his dad Rajiv Gandhi had a place with the Dattatreya Kaul Brahmin. The cleric included that Rahul uncovered his gotra to him.


The detail holds significance in front of the Rajasthan decisions. Congress pioneer CP Joshi had as of late said that PM Narendra Modi, BJP MP Uma Bharti and Hindu dissident Sadhvi Ritambhara were from “bring down positions” and didn’t know anything about Hinduism. Gandhi rushed to censure the announcement. In any case, with the cleric uncovering Gandhi’s gotra, it is by all accounts an immediate reaction to the BJP’s remain of being ace Hindu.

It is likewise an immediate reaction to the BJP’s cases of Gandhi wearing a ‘janeu’ just to charm voters.

Prior, Speaking at a rally in Indore, the BJP representative, Sambit Patra stated, “If Rahul wears a ‘janeu’, what kind of ‘janeu’ does he wear, what is his ‘gotra’?”

In any case, the Gandhi scion replied ‘gotra’ with ‘ghotala’ — the supposed tricks that have occurred under the BJP’s watch at the Center and in addition in states.

Rahul’s granddad, Feroze Gandhi, was a Parsi and numerous clerics say that in the Parsi people group, the man does not have any gotra. Henceforth, it implies that Gandhi has acquired his grandma Indira’s gotra. This is the first occasion when that the family has needed to approach with its gotra.


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