After Contest Over Speaker’s Election in MP, Cong-BJP Now Spar over Deputy Speaker’s Post


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Post the Assembly boycott by the BJP amid the Speaker election, the party is currently bolting horns with the Congress for the Deputy Speaker decisions booked for Thursday.

The BJP had blamed the Congress for making a joke of sacred arrangements amid the decision of Speaker.

The Congress and BJP on Wednesday chose Hina Kavre and Jagdish Dewda individually as contender for the post of Deputy Speaker.

Kavre, 33, is the little girl of previous Congress serve Likhiram Kavre and is viewed as near gathering president Rahul Gandhi. While Jagdish Dewra is a previous Transport pastor of MP whose name had surfaced in a trick before.

As indicated by convention, the Deputy Speaker present goes on the resistance. Previous Assembly Speaker Dr.Sitaraman Sharma says that he is cheerful that the Congress would do likewise.

Congress Minister Sajan Singh Verma, notwithstanding, has addressed the media expressing that the post won’t be offered to the restriction. “It was the BJP who begun the war and we would go hard and fast in the race of Deputy Speaker,” he said.

Prior, the Congress had declined to offer Deputy Speaker’s post to the resistance when the BJP had chosen to challenge for the post of speaker and not back the Congress candidate.


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