Arch-Rivals AAP, Congress in Talks to Cement Alliance in Delhi Ahead of 2019 Polls: Sources


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Bitter rivals Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress are understood to have been in touch to explore the possibility of an electoral alliance for the seven Lok Sabha seats in the national capital.

AAP sources said back-channel talks are as of now on between the two gatherings. Be that as it may, there is no official word on the union between them.

The buzz got footing after the AAP, out of the blue, partook in a resistance meeting a week ago, which was gone to by the Congress.

From the Aam Aadmi Party’s side, talks are being held by a senior gathering pioneer and individual from the AAP’s peak basic leadership body, the Parliamentary Affairs Committee, the sources said.

Curiously, the AAP and the Congress have been at loggerheads in Delhi and Punjab. Until August, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that voting in favor of the Congress was likened to voting in favor of the BJP.

The AAP had boycotted the survey for choosing delegate administrator to the Rajya Sabha in August, expressing that it was agitated with the Congress not requesting its help for the joint resistance applicant handled by it.

The bone of conflict is accepted to have been the quantity of the seats the Congress needs to challenge in the national capital. Of the seven seats in Delhi, the AAP isn’t prepared to surrender multiple seats for the Congress, the sources said.

Of the seven seats, the AAP has reported voting demographic in-charges for six. These voting demographic in-charges will be inevitably proclaimed the gathering hopefuls. This implies, the AAP needs to solicit a couple from its applicants, who have just begun battling, to pull back from the shred.

Strikingly, the neighborhood initiative of the Congress isn’t enthusiastic about tying hands with the AAP, yet the VIPs is comprehended to not have been opposed to the thought.

The AAP and the Congress have, pretty much a similar voter base in the national capital.

Since the 2013 Assembly surveys in Delhi, the vote offer of the AAP and the Congress has wavered, however the BJP’s vote rate has continued as before.

In 2013, the BJP packed away 31 situates and anchored 33.07 percent vote share while the Congress got 24.55 percent with eight seats. The AAP, in its introduction execution got 29.49 percent of votes and packed away 28 seats.

In 2014 Lok Sabha surveys, the BJP cleared the races scoring 7-0. The AAP came next while the Congress stood third. In any case, in six seats, the votes of the AAP and the Congress joined were substantially more than that of the BJP.

In 2015, the AAP enlisted a fabulous triumph, winning 67 seats and 54.34 percent vote share while the Congress experienced a mental blackout and stowed just 9.65 percent of vote share. Be that as it may, the BJP’s vote share stayed pretty much the equivalent to 32.09 percent, in spite of the drubbing.

In April 2017 Rajouri Garden bypoll, however the BJP wrested the seat from the AAP, the Congress came next and the AAP applicant lost his store.

In the 2017 MCD surveys led in June, the Congress’ vote share climbed forcefully to 21.28 percent, while the AAP packed away around 26 percent, not exactly 50% of what it got in 2015 Assembly surveys.


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