Armed With Exit Poll ‘Inputs’, Kamal Nath Says ‘We are Winning in Madhya Pradesh’


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Overflowing certainty, MPCC president Kamal Nath on Thursday asserted that the Congress will frame the following government in the state as he got calls from the individuals who gather information saying the equivalent.

A leave survey is an overview in which individuals who have quite recently casted a ballot in a decision are approached which hopeful they voted in favor of.

Upon the culmination of the EC boycott, the leave surveys would begin opening up to the world from Friday evening.

In the interim, Kamal Nath, who tended to a session of all the 229 applicants of the gathering over checking day precautionary measures at the PCC, asserted that history would be scripted in MP in the following five days.

“I got calls from the individuals who have gathered information disclosing to me that the Congress was winning in MP,” said Nath, including that the gathering is likewise winning in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

The Chhindwara MP emphasized his cases of the Congress winning 140 seats in MP saying the figure wasn’t determined through any lottery.

“I did voting public insightful examinations and came to on this figure after due ingenuity,” said Nath.

Nath said he had by and by visited different territories, including those where the gathering endured substantial thrashings last time, and the reaction has been sure.

“We committed certain missteps in Gujarat and Karnataka yet in Madhya Pradesh we strategised by gaining from our past errors,” he said.

On the instructional meeting of the gathering competitors, Nath said that the applicants are being prepared to be careful so that there are no issues upon the arrival of relying on December 11.

On being gotten some information about his reaction to the way that few gathering pioneers are supporting his name for the post of Chief Minister, Nath just grinned. On being squeezed more regarding the matter, he approached the media to sit tight for a couple of more days.


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