As Kumaraswamy Delays Cabinet Expansion Again, Congress Leaders Call it ‘Unfair’


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Its a dependable fact that the deferral in bureau extension in Karnataka has left numerous competitors baffled.

Following Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s declaration that the bureau extension has been additionally delayed to December 22, the Congress pioneers have communicated their misery with the choice.

Senior pioneers in the Congress and previous clergymen in the Siddaramaiah government Ramalinga Reddy and MB Patil said that it was unjustifiable and dampening that the development was being postponed, and the seniors pioneers not being given billets.

“Obviously the seniors weren’t offered compartments to clear a path for more youthful pioneers. In any case, it is out of line that there is one standard for us and another standard for them,” said Ramalinga Reddy alluding to other senior Congress pioneers in the bureau.

“They all are well-meriting. Be that as it may, all seniors must be given a similar thought,” Reddy revealed to News18 Kannada.

Ramalinga Reddy was the home priest in the Siddaramaiah government and has straightforwardly communicated his dismay out of the blue since the alliance government was shaped.

“It is either the nearby body decisions or Rahul Gandhi’s calendar isn’t accessible or it is simply not a decent time,” he added calling attention to the occasions the bureau development has been deferred refering to different reasons.

Reddy, in any case, said that he had never campaigned for a compartment and could never do as such.

“The Cabinet extension must occur on December 22. On the off chance that it is additionally postponed, it will have no esteem. Without development, how might there be great administration,” said MB Patil, previous Water Resources serve, and a wannabe.

The Congress MLA from Kampli said that the bureau extension would occur just post the Lok Sabha races.

“The Cabinet extension won’t happen on the 22nd of December. The difference inside the gathering will develop and subsequently pioneers have taken a choice. Development won’t occur before the general races,” he said.

Previous Chief Minister and BJP MLA Jagadish Shettar additionally talked along comparative lines.

“I will give the expectation to you in composing that the bureau development won’t occur on December 22. Congress can’t keep its lawmakers together,” he said.


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