BJP Minister Subhash Deshmukh Accused of ‘Milking’ Govt for Rs 24 Crore, Taking Funds for Fake Factory


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Maharashtra’s state minister for Cooperation Subhash Deshmukh, who has beforehand been blamed for tricks, is in the eye of the tempest once more. This time, he has been blamed by the Congress for manufacturing archives and creating consents for separating assets from the legislature for a phony drain preparing processing plant, which supposedly did not exist. Congress has asserted that the BJP clergyman and his child have hoodwinked the National Agricultural Department Program of Rs 24.81 crore.

“He has no privilege to remain a priest in the State government. He ought to leave instantly. He is obviously a scamster. He has manhandled his protected expert and cheated the Government of Maharashtra. He has exploited his position and specialists for individual advantages on numerous occasions,” said Congress pioneer Sanjay Nirupam.

Lokmangal Multi-State co-agent Society restricted, the co-agent body being referred to, is led by Subhash Deshmukh’s child Rohan Deshmukh.

Records gotten to by a RTI extremist (a duplicate of which is in control of CNN News18), demonstrate that different government organizations including the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Food and Drug Administration office, Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Public Works Department, Industrial Security and Health Department, have denied conceding any authorization to Lokmangal Multi-State co-agent Society Limited.

According to a letter dated July 2, 2018, the drain gathering director investigated the drain chilly storeroom at Bibidarphal and drain preparing units in Karmala, Sangola and Mangalvedha on June 26, and found that the production lines were not handling even a solitary liter of drain. The letter expressed, “The drain chilly stockpiling and preparing office of Lokmangal Multi-State co-agent society in Bibidarphal in Solapur is totally closed down at present. I join herewith the investigation report of the Milk Collection Supervisor,” the District Information Officer said in his letter.

The arrangement of archives demonstrate that Deshmukh’s co-agent society annexed a letter of authorization supposedly issued by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board on April 22, 2014, giving assent for the make of prepared drain to the limit of 1 lakh liter for every day. In any case, when the RTI dissident kept in touch with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in 2018, it sent a composed answer, saying no such authorizations were allowed by it to Lokmangal Co-agent society.

“We found that every last consent was totally created. The pastor and his child indicated bogus declarations of authorization from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Maharashtra State Electricity Board, Deputy Divisional Engineer of the Public Works Department and Food and Drug Administration. These archives were submitted to the Maharashtra government to get assets under the National Agriculture Department Program,” Nirupam said.


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