BJP’s Quota Gambit to Mollify Angry Upper Castes Risks Consolidating OBC, SC Vote for Opposition Bloc


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Months earlier than the closing Lok Sabha elections, a beleaguered Congress-led United Progressive Alliance authorities conceded the Jat community’s demand for inclusion in the listing of Other Backward Classes, entitling its individuals to reservations in authorities jobs and educational establishments.

The Maharashtra government, led by using the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party, took a comparable selection to provide sixteen according to cent quota for Marathas on the eve of the assembly polls in 2014.

Both the proposals have been supposed to woo the powerful Jat and Maratha groups, which had been displaying signs of deserting the Congress. But the pass backfired, each politically and legally.

The Congress didn’t make any gains inside the elections as each groups were simply now not impressed with the final-minute decision, seen as an act of political desperation. To make matters worse, the decision changed into struck down by the courts.

Given this beyond precedent, the massive query being asked nowadays is whether the Modi authorities’s decision to offer 10 in keeping with cent quotas in jobs and educational institutions for contributors of economically weaker sections belonging to top castes slightly some months before the approaching Lok Sabha polls may be accepted or in addition rejected via the voters as political opportunism.

There is not any denying that for the instant, the Modi government has succeeded in changing the modern political discourse which had focused on its incapability to provide succour to troubled farmers or generate jobs for unemployed kids.

These two troubles had dominated the currently-concluded assembly polls inside the Hindi heartland states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, in which the BJP became dethroned by using the Congress.

Then, the Rafale controversy returned to the headlines in the past week, imparting a sparkling opportunity to Congress president Rahul Gandhi to assault Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pushing the government on the shielding.

Besides deflecting attention from these problems, this pass become additionally aimed toward placating the upper castes who are dissatisfied with the BJP for undoing the Supreme Court’s circulate to dilute the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Prevention of Atrocities Act which, they felt, was misused against them.

In fact, the BJP paid a heavy rate for appeasing the scheduled castes at the price of the upper castes within the recent Madhya Pradesh elections. Besides mollifying the upper castes, the BJP is also hoping that the flow to provide reservations on the basis of economic criterion will neutralise the anger many of the Jats, Marathas and Patels who’ve been urgent for the inclusion in their groups within the listing of OBCs.

On the opposite hand, there is uncertainty whether or not the rules will resist legal scrutiny because the Supreme Court has capped all reservations at 50 per cent and this new quota would exceed this restriction.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley insists that the law will bypass muster as the brand new quota has been implemented via amending the Constitution to make certain the authorities has the energy to provide quotas on the premise of monetary weakness, presently not furnished for inside the Constitution. However, the jury continues to be out in this point.

As the BJP cranks up its exposure department to propagate the quota Bill as its commitment to the economically weaker sections belonging to the upper cases, its marketing campaign will run into sturdy opposition from political events just like the Rashtriya Janata Dal and the Samajwadi Party, which have already panned the law as a move towards dismantling caste-based totally reservations.

The coming months will witness a slugfest between the 2 sides with the social justice events reminding about the RSS Mohan Bhagwat’s 2015 statement calling for a evaluation of reservation guidelines which, they said, contemplated the BJP’s upper caste attitude. Bhagwat’s comments had then fee the BJP the Bihar meeting elections as it turned into visible to mirror the BJP’s upper caste mindset.

On its element, the BJP could be at pains to reassure the backward instructions and the scheduled castes that the 10 consistent with cent quota is being supplied further to the reservations already being presented to the OBCs and scheduled castes, which will remain untouched. It will as an alternative hard promote this regulation as a flow at poverty alleviation.

Nevertheless, the BJP runs the actual chance of consolidating the OBCs and scheduled castes on the opposite facet of the political divide. In the process, its personal outreach to the backward instructions ought to hit a roadblock.

The saffron celebration’s pitch for the OBCs inside the 2014 trendy election had paid it wealthy political dividend. This was observed by the celebration’s surprising electoral fulfillment in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh assembly polls due largely to the BJP’s concerted effort to consolidate the non-Yadav backward training.

The truth that the Prime Minister is an OBC had similarly helped the BJP’s efforts at social engineering. The Modi authorities additionally gave constitutional popularity to the National Commission for Backward Classes and set up a committee to observe the sub-categorisation of backward lessons in a similarly bid to woo this segment. Its modern day flow, however, has the capability of undoing these efforts.

As for the Congress, it had no preference but to aid the Centre’s new quota Bill as it could unwell-have the funds for to alienate the upper castes in an election year. Moreover, it had additionally made a comparable promise in its 2014 election manifesto. Besides claiming credit for starting up this move, it’ll pitch the BJP-led authorities’s choice as an election “jumla”, an afterthought added in rapidly on election-eve that allows you to be impossible to put into effect for loss of time and jobs.

A particular scrutiny of the provisions within the law ought to provide in addition ammunition to the Congress to hit out at the BJP as it may tap into the anger among upper caste members who fail to qualify for the new quota.

The warfare strains are drawn. It has now to be visible which facet succeeds in convincing the voter. But today, it is the BJP which has set the agenda even as the others are scrambling to respond.


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