Do Not Impose Your Sexism on Me: Rahul Gandhi Defends ‘Misogynistic’ Remarks Against Nirmala Sitharaman


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Defending his ‘misogynistic’ remarks comments against Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Congress boss Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said he would made comparative remarks had a man been in-control rather than her.

Tending to a public interview in Dubai, Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not Nirmala Sitharaman ought to have introduced the Rafale protection in Parliament.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has helped Anil Ambani take Rs 30,000 crore and the House of the general population Lok Sabha is the place he ought to have protected himself yet he sent someone else and that individual happened to be a lady,” a PTI report cited him as saying.

“I would have made a fundamentally the same as remark in the event that it had been a man. Try not to force your sexism on me. I am certain that the leader ought to have conveyed that guard however he didn’t have the guts,” Gandhi said.

The Congress boss had made the culpable comment at a ranchers’ rally in Jaipur last Wednesday. “The gatekeeper with a 56-inch chest fled and told a lady, Sitharaman ji, ‘safeguard me. I won’t have the capacity to guard myself, shield me’,” Gandhi had said.

Naming the remark as “very misanthropic, hostile and unscrupulous”, the National Commission for Women issued a notice to the Congress president. In the notice, the ladies’ board said it has taken suo motu cognisance of news reports “wherein it is accounted for that you have supposedly made comments offending against a lady serve”.

“What is @rahulgandhi endeavoring to suggest with his misanthropic explanation “… ek mahila state kaha meri raksha kiijiye.”? Does he think ladies are frail? The incongruity calling a cultivated protection priest of the biggest majority rules system a powerless individual. @nsitharaman @narendramodi @ncwindia,” NCW boss Rekha Sharma tweeted.

The NCW in the notice stated, “It has been accounted for that you supposedly said “….. the PM fled and asked a ‘mahila ‘- a hidden reference to Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman – to guard him”.

“The comments are incredibly sexist, hostile, unscrupulous and demonstrates an outrageous lack of respect towards the pride and respect of ladies as a rule,” the commission said.

It additionally said the NCW “emphatically denounces such reckless and stigmatizing perspectives of people considering mindful positions”.

Delhi Commission For Women boss Swati Maliwal likewise denounced Gandhi’s comments.

“Rafale trick ought to be completely examined however @rahulgandhi explanation on it is extremely backward and sexist. I neglect to see how men overlook that ladies are far more grounded than them! Would they be able to try and consider conveying an infant in their belly for 9 months and bring forth it?” she posted on the microblogging webpage.


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