Why Mamata Banerjee Has Turned up in Defence of Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar


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As Mamata Banerjee proceeds with her sit-in dissent at Dharmatala, Center versus State tussle has achieved another high with the West Bengal boss clergyman asserting compelling interruption of the CBI inside the state purview.

Be that as it may, why has the central pastor of a state turned up with regards to a cop? Will the CBI examine a court-checked test if the general assent by the state is pulled back? News18 esxplains:

Why has Mamata Banerjee propelled a sit-in dissent?

Banerjee, who started a sit-in dissent over the CBI’s endeavor to scrutinize the Kolkata Police boss regarding chit subsidize tricks, says she will proceed with her “satyagraha” till the nation and its constitution are “spared”. The main clergyman avoided suppers and stayed alert the whole night on an alternative dais, alongside some senior priests and gathering individuals.

The quick paced advancement began unfurling when a group of 40-odd office officers touched base at Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar’s living arrangement at Loudon Street in focal Kolkata on Sunday evening, however were ceased by sentries and authorities. The group had gone to address Kumar regarding chit finance trick cases. As the CBI group arrived at his living arrangement, a group of Kolkata cops hurried to the spot to address the CBI authorities and endeavored to enquire in the event that they had the records required for addressing Kumar.

Who is Rajeev Kumar and does CBI need to explore him?

Rajeev Kumar is the present chief of Kolkata Police. He is a 1989-clump IPS officer of West Bengal. He was named as the Commissioner of Kolkata Police in 2016, supplanting Surajit Kar Purakayastha. Purakayastha was elevated to CID.

Before being named as Kolkata Police Commissioner, Kumar had filled in as Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate, and as Special Task Force (STF) boss under Kolkata Police.

Kumar was going the Special Investigation Team (SIT) examining chit subsidize tricks. He had driven the test into Saradha and Rose Valley tricks that were uncovered in West Bengal in 2013.

CBI needs to test Kumar around a few key reports that had purportedly disappeared. Kumar and a couple of more authorities were even asked by the CBI to join the examination yet they declined to help.

The CBI has guaranteed that its test is gone for finding vital proof connected to bigger scheme behind the chit reserves.

For what reason is the move being known as an established emergency by the Mamata Banerjee-driven government?

The whole contention of the Mamata Banerjee government depends on the way that the CBI authorities did not have a court order before they went to scrutinize the magistrate of Kolkata Police.

In any case, the bigger account behind the dread of the Trinamool Congress is that before the general decisions, the BJP government is constraining the CBI to direct mighty tests in the state which may prompt rattling of TMC government.

The chain of captures in connection to the Chit finance trick increased new energy from December 2018. In December, Suman Chattopadhyay, proofreader of the Ei Samay paper, was captured regarding credits he had taken from three chit reserves, including Saradha. On January 24, the Central Bureau of Investigation captured Bengali film maker Shrikant Mohta regarding the Rose Valley trick.

On February 2, India Today ran a report citing unknown sources that said Kumar was going to be captured by the CBI and was stealing away. The following day, Banerjee rejected reports of his slipping off as “lies” and the Kolkata police said that they would make a move for this “maligning” by media houses.

This all has produced an aggregate results for Banerjee to put forth a defense that CBI is politically focusing on the state.

Shouldn’t something be said about the CBI’s case that it is an unlawful exertion to prevent the organization from addressing Kumar?

In the first place, the CBI expressed that according to Section 5 of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, the examining office whenever requested by the focal government, can reach out to wards including states, and that when he is leading an examination in a state, they would resemble the cops of the state and thus assault on CBI officers was illicit.

Furthermore, since this test is being directed by the CBI was arranged a CJI drove seat of the Supreme Court, the CBI is probably going to express that this endeavor to end examination is a disdain of court.

West Bengal has pulled back the general agree given to CBI. Would this be able to debilitate the CBI from exploring a case in the state?

The withdrawal of general assent implies CBI officers lose police controls under the Criminal Procedure Code in the state concerned and for enlisting a case.

The withdrawal of general agree to the CBI to practice locale inside its region applies tentatively in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, the two of which pulled back assent a year ago. In the last mentioned, the then Left-front government gave the agree in 1989 to the CBI to lead examinations inside the state.

This lawful stand was cleared up by the court in Kazi Lhendup Dorji versus CBI, a revealed choice of 1994. The court contemplated that the express government’s withdrawal ought not be permitted to slow down a pending case. This case will be the primary concern of contention by the CBI when the issue of general assent emerges.

In any case, the TMC government has contended that there is a stay by the Calcutta High Court on the capture of Kumar and that its absolutely impossible he can be tested except if there is a request by the court.

What are Saradha and Rose Valley tricks?

Saradha was a chit finance that worked crosswise over eastern India with a focus in West Bengal. Investors could contribute as meager as Rs 100 with the guarantee of excessively significant yields of up to 50 percent for every year.

The size of the trick was a lot bigger in Orissa. Upwards of 163 chit support firms gathered around Rs 4,600 crore by cheating the general population in Orissa, while the chit subsidize trick in West Bengal is evaluated at Rs 2,460 crore. Something like 10 lakh families, generally having a place with the low-pay gathering, have been influenced by the trick in Orissa.

The trick was named as an exemplary ponzi plot where the compensation outs for old speculators were created by ventures from new ones. Since no advantages were made, the plan crumbled when, unavoidably, new financial specialists evaporated. In 2013, showcase controller Securities and Exchange Board of India requested Saradha to stop its activities.

A Trinamool MP headed the store’s media division and the central clergyman herself introduced two Saradha workplaces. This helped the plan end up prominent among the shoppers.

Rose Valley plot pursued a similar model: a Ponzi conspire that profited by being viewed as connected to influential individuals. Rose Valley financed Bengali movies and even supported the Kolkata Knight Riders Indian Premier League cricket group before going stomach up in 2015.

What did the Supreme Court arrange say in 2014?

The best court had then arranged a CBI investigation into the multi-crore Saradha trick and comparable cases in the state. It had additionally requested that the CBI research chit subsidize related trick cases in Orissa and different states, including Tripura and Assam.

A seat driven by Justice T S Thakur had then expressed that the parts of between state repercussions and the bigger trick edge required a top to bottom test by the head insightful office.

The seat requested that the CBI do facilitate examination wherever required. It guided the state organizations to help the CBI in its test.

What are the lawful obstacles previously the CBI to demonstrate its case in court?

Sources have affirmed to News18 that CBI is contemplating over refering to Article 355 in its supplication under the watchful eye of the best court on Tuesday.

Article 355 depends the obligation upon Union to secure the states against “outer animosity” and “inward aggravation” to guarantee that the administration of each State is carried on as per the arrangements of Constitution.

As per a senior promoter, according to tradition, police direct attacks outside their purview with notice and collaboration of nearby police to anticipate rubbing and that ward of CBI to lead assaults is altogether misty. This is likewise on the grounds that police and peace is solidly a state subject

Inquiries without warrants should be an exemption according to segment 100 Cr.P.C – just in exigencies is an analytical organization permitted to seek without a warrant. This wasn’t one so CBI ought to have had a warrant – on the off chance that they did they couldn’t be halted.

Indeed, even according to the corrected Prevention of Corruption Act where under Section 17A, CBI needs authorize to examine any administration hireling/s. Presently it should be demonstrated if CBI had authorize from DoPT or if such endorse should be possible away with since it’s a court-observed test.

As per the attorney, the correct strategy would have been to look for legal requests from the CBI unique judge to determine debate with Kolkata police.

BJP has named the advancement remarkable. Is this extremely a wonder?

In the late 90s, another such encounter was seen when CBI joint executive UN Biswas, testing the feed trick, needed to capture Rashtriya Janta Dal boss Lalu Prasad Yadav.

In the wake of neglecting to inspire any assistance to execute a capture warrant against Yadav, Biswas asked the office’s Patna-based SP to look for the assistance of the military to capture him.

In 1997, the CBI needed to capture Yadav and had finished every legitimate custom. In any case, the state organization was blocking the capture. While CBI attempted to approach the then Bihar boss secretary B P Verma for help, it was informed that Bihar’s seniormost civil servant was ”inaccessible”.


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