G20 Summit: PM Modi presents 9-point anti-fugitive economic offenders agenda


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India on Friday presented a nine-point agenda to G20 member countries calling for solid and dynamic participation among them to extensively manage outlaw monetary wrongdoers.

The motivation was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the second session of the G20 Summit on universal exchange, global monetary and impose frameworks.

“Collaboration in legitimate procedures, for example, viable solidifying of the returns of wrongdoing, early return of the guilty parties and proficient repatriation of the returns of wrongdoing ought to be improved and streamlined,” the plan read.

India additionally called for joint endeavors by G20 nations to frame a component that denies passage and places of refuge to outlaw financial wrongdoers.

“Standards of United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime (UNOTC), particularly identified with ‘Universal Cooperation’ ought to be completely and viably executed,” it said.

India proposed the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ought to be called upon to allocate need and center to setting up universal participation that prompts convenient and far reaching trade of data between the skillful experts and budgetary knowledge units.

“FATF ought to be entrusted to detail a standard meaning of criminal financial wrongdoers. FATF ought to likewise build up an arrangement of normally concurred and institutionalized systems identified with ID, removal and legal procedures for managing criminal financial guilty parties to give direction and help to G20 nations, subject to their local law,” it said.

India additionally pushed setting up of a typical stage for sharing encounters and best works on including effective instances of removal, holes in existing frameworks of removal and lawful help, and so forth. It said the G20 gathering ought to consider starting work on finding properties of financial guilty parties who have a duty obligation in the nation of their living arrangement for its recuperation.


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