‘Mamata Silent on Rahul Gandhi’s Good Show as She Fears Her PM Ambitions Will be Overshadowed’


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The Congress on Wednesday asked if the party’s spectacular performance in the assembly polls was giving “sleepless nights” to the Trinamool Congress, which feared that now its dream of Mamata Banerjee becoming the prime minister may not be fulfilled..

At a rally in Kolkata, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi additionally addressed why Mamata Banerjee had not offered credit to Rahul Gandhi for the gigantic triumph. “At the point when the whole nation has saluted Rahul Gandhi and the Congress for its triumph in three states, just Mamata Banerjee has not. Is she not content with the triumph of Congress?” Gogoi said.


In spite of the fact that, the West Bengal boss priest had complimented the champs, she had held back before naming either Congress or Gandhi.

The Congress won three Hindi-heartland conditions of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, where BJP was in power.

Senior Congress administrator Adhir Chowdhury said the Trinamool is having “restless evenings” as triumph of Rahul Gandhi in the three states has put an unavoidable issue stamp on the gathering’s “fantasies of Banerjee turning into the following executive has gone for a hurl”.

“Presently their (TMC pioneers) dreams are broken as they realize that Rahul Gandhi will be the following head administrator. That is the reason they are not prepared to give Congress and Rahul Gandhi the due credit,” Chowdhury said.

Censuring the “political guile” of the Trinamool, Gogoi said TMC talks against the undemocratic disposition of BJP yet itself works in an “undemocratic and tyrant way” in Bengal.

“This political guile will never again work. From one viewpoint TMC talks about just qualities when it goes to restriction meets in Delhi and when it returns to Bengal it endeavors to throttle the voice of resistance parties in most undemocratic ways. The Congress central leadership is exceptionally very much aware of the twofold measures of TMC,” Gogoi said.

A few senior Congress leaders tending to the rally faulted the decision Trinamool and its approaches for the “development of mutual powers” in the state.


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