Modi Govt ‘Snatched’ Rs 30,000 Crore from Poor, Put it in Pockets of Industrialists, Alleges Rahul Gandhi in MP


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Congress president Rahul Gandhi propelled a counter-assault on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation on Tuesday, saying note boycott hurt poor people and profited those wearing “suit-boot”.

Tending to a rally here in front of the second period of surveying in the state on November 20, Gandhi additionally accused the Modi administration of guaranteeing advantage to Anil Ambani’s organization through the Rafale air ship bargain. The Modi-driven government “grabbed” Rs 30,000 crore from poor people and placed it in the pocket of the industrialist, Gandhi said.

The Congress, whenever impelled to control, would discount obligations of ranchers in Chhattisgarh inside 10 days into government, he said. “He (Modi) said the note boycott brought cash out of pads of individuals. He is correct. Be that as it may, he didn’t tell from whom the cash was grabbed… all the destitute individuals (needed to) line up (to trade notes). Did any very rich person line up? Did anybody in suit-boot line up?” he inquired.

“India’s PM helped transform the dark cash of the rich into white. He grabbed cash of poor people, however guaranteed advantages for the rich,” Gandhi said.

Hitting out at Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for addressing him on demonetisation, Modi had on Monday said in a survey rally that he didn’t require an “authentication of trustworthiness” from the “mother-child couple” who are out on safeguard. The PM had additionally said that demonetisation recouped money from “under somebody’s quaint little inn organizers”.

“They need a record of demonetisation. It was because of the demonetisation that false organizations were distinguished. Furthermore, on account of that you needed to look for safeguard. For what reason do you overlook that it was because of the note boycott that you needed to look for safeguard,” he had said without naming the Gandhis.

Modi reported the restriction on high-esteem cash notes on November 8, 2016.


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