‘Modi vs chaos’ agenda for 2019: Arun Jaitley’s dig at Opposition unity


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Dismissing opposition parties ‘Mahagathbandhan’ as unviable and unworkable, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday stated, India has pushed forward of 1971 and the optimistic culture won’t submit an “aggregate suicide” in the approaching general races.

The two-crease methodology of the restriction parties for the general decisions is to seek after enemy of Modi motivation and exploit the appointive number juggling, he said in a Facebook post titled ‘Plan for 2019 – Modi Vs Chaos’.

“Will 2019 be a copy of 1971? It is Modi versus an unviable and an unworkable brief mix. Or then again is it Modi versus Chaos,” Jaitley pondered.

The Union Minister is presently in the US for a restorative registration. Reviewing the 1971 General Elections, Jaitley said the resistance had shaped a ‘Terrific Alliance’ or the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ collaborating against the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

“We had amazing pioneers and a head-begin in the media. Also, the Congress had part into two… The outcomes were declared, India rejected negativism. The India of 2019 has advanced method for India of 1971. Optimistic culture never submits an aggregate suicide. They don’t experience the ill effects of a Lemming Syndrome,” Jaitley said.

Lemming Syndrome alludes to a marvel wherein hordes of individuals, emulate activities of one another on the grounds that they see a dominant part of their companions doing it.

Expressing that each broad race has its very own content that is managed by the predominant political condition, Jaitley said for 2019 political fight, India’s resistance has a two-overlap technique, right off the bat, negative enemy of Modi plan and besides, irregular political gathering to pick up from the appointive number juggling.

He said Opposition governmental issues has hurled four burning executives wishing to test Narendra Modi. “Clearly the dimension of fulfillment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is high. In the event that that weren’t things being what they are, what was the requirement for different dissimilar powers to meet up against him? It is just the dread of his prominence and a specific rebound that is uniting them,” Jaitley said.

Expressing that the counter Modi rally sorted out by Opposition parties in Kolkata, turned out to be essentially “a non-Rahul Gandhi rally,” by his prominent nonattendance. “Each of the four aggressive legislators seek after whimsical procedures to supplant PM Modi; in any case, Congress can, best case scenario dream just to be a pillion rider,” Jaitley noted.


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