Nirmala Sitharaman ‘Ran Away’ From my Questions on Rafale, Says Rahul Gandhi


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Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave a long discourse in Parliament yet did not answer any of his frauds on the Rafale deal and “fled”.

Gandhi’s affirmation came after Sitharaman gave the administration’s answer on the Rafale warrior stream bargain issue in the Lok Sabha. “The barrier serve did not answer any of the inquiries I asked on the Rafale bargain. She didn’t take the name of Anil Ambani,” Gandhi told journalists outside Parliament.

Gandhi said he put two inquiries to the clergyman towards the finish of the discussion and requesting that her answer in yes or no. “I asked that after a long arrangement process, those individuals who took an interest in that transactions – Air Force boss, safeguard serve, secretaries, Air Force authorities – when the head administrator completed a ‘sidestep surgery’… did the Air Force individuals article, yes or know,” Gandhi said.

“What’s more, you saw that as opposed to noting this, the protection serve began doing dramatization that ‘I have been offended, I was known as a liar’,” he said.

Tending to the nation’s childhood, Gandhi said the clergyman was endeavoring to delude them. It was a straight inquiry and without noting that she “fled”, the Congress boss said.

“The PM can’t come (to Parliament), and the main pastor of Goa is stating I have a document and I will give just desserts to the PM. She gave a more than two hour discourse and did not answer any inquiries,” Gandhi said.


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