PM Modi Accuses TRS of Neglecting Telangana’s Development, KCR Asks Him to Refrain from Lying


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Telangana saw a pitched fight on Tuesday between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and overseer boss priest K Chadrashekar Rao as both the pioneers leveled claims against one another.

Blaming the TRS and Congress for sustaining family rule, Modi said the two gatherings were playing a “well disposed match” in Telangana races. In his first decision rally in the express, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the BJP’s promise to comprehensive development. “The central clergyman of Telangana and his family supposes they can escape with doing no work like the Congress…. They have embraced the style of the Congress which ruled for 50-52 years without doing anything. However, that can’t occur now,” he told a race rally in Nizamabad, as he took the survey fight to Rao’s turf. Nizamabad is spoken to by Rao’s little girl K Kavitha in the Lok Sabha.


Reviewing that KCR had filled in as a priest in the UPA government, Modi said the TRS boss did his “apprenticeship” under the Congress. “Congress and TRS are two countenances of a similar coin. The two gatherings are contending with one another on who tells more lies. TRS and Congress are family-ruled gatherings playing an amicable match in Telangana surveys,” he stated, including that it was a “major joke” that UPA administrator Sonia Gandhi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi assaulted the TRS for being a “family party” at a decision rally a week ago.

The PM said Rao’s choice to go for early decisions could give individuals a chance to “dispose of him before time”. He said Rao did not join Ayushman Bharat conspire under which the Center would bear therapeutic costs of the poor to the degree of Rs 5 lakh a year due to his sentiment of uncertainty.

“This CM feels so insecure…he confides in stargazers, does puja, ties nimbu-mirchi (to avoid underhanded). So when we presented Ayushman Bharat Yojana, he chose not to go along with it. He dreaded individuals will dismiss him if Modicare comes into power. He did shamefulness to the needy individuals of the state,” Modi said.

As he blamed the TRS government for not staying faithful to its commitments made to youth, ranchers, Dalits, tribals and in reverse classes, Modi requested that the voters show the gathering a thing or two. The PM said the main pastor had once attested he would change Nizamabad into a shrewd city like London however the place was all the while thinking about lack of water, power and appropriate streets. “The CM once said he would guarantee the water of the Godavari waterway achieves each family unit or else won’t look for votes. Has it occurred? The man who can’t furnish individuals with even water doesn’t have the right to be given power,” he said.

Hitting back at Modi, KCR said he ought “not lie for votes”. Rao likewise guaranteed that Modi and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu schemed to destabilize the TRS government amid the beginning of arrangement of the administration and force President’s standard.

“What sort of Prime Minister you are I don’t get it. How might you talk such a lie… You ought not lie, being in the dependable post of head administrator, for votes. On the off chance that you need I will come to Nizamabad now. We will ask individuals,” Rao said tending to a race rally in Mahabubnagar area.

“Mr Narendra Modi, there is no power issue in Telangana… try not to lie. I am extremely sorry to learn this. You can’t level claims against a central priest. I am not perplexed of anybody. I am not (Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N) Chandrababu Naidu,” Rao stated, emphasizing that there was a requirement for an “administrative front government” at the middle.

Rao asserted that Telangana was the main state in the nation where ranchers were provided control nonstop and inquired as to whether the BJP-ruled states were giving 24-hour power to the homestead division.

Responding to Modi’s comments on Congress and TRS are “two side of a similar coin,” Rao said he is sufficiently intense to concede straightforwardly that TRS and AIMIM cooperate as them two have a place with Telangana.

On Modi’s remarks that Rao feels uncertain and that is the reason he takes protect in soothsaying, poojas, yagnas and others, the TRS boss addressed Modi concerning why he ought to have any issue with his exercises. “I have confidence in them. I will be glad to share prasadam in the event that you come… I have faith in God and that is the reason perform poojas. On the off chance that you are earnest, disclose to Telangana individuals regarding why you have ceased increment of portion (a proposition sent by the Telangana government) for Scheduled Tribes tuned in to their populace, the overseer boss clergyman said.


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