Ribs broken for Abhinandan – No Spy devices inside the body


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Amid the medical test led in Delhi on IAF Wing commander Abhinandan who had returned back to India two days back after his discharge by Pakistan, it was discovered that there are numerous wounds on his body.

While he had embarked to assault Pakistan F16 planes, his MiG 21 fly was shot down and he was caught by Pakistan armed force and was held hostage for 2 days before being discharged by Pakistan armed force, after Pakistan government reported it was a harmony motion. After therapeutic tests led on him it was discovered that there are numerous wounds including harm on ribs and another colossal damage in view of assault by Pakistan horde.

In the test led in Delhi cantonment emergency clinic, it was cleared that there are no bugs or spying gadgets or illness specialists embedded into Abhinandan body. He likewise uncovered that he experienced mental pressure and melancholy when he was under their care.


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