India’s Dossier to Pak Lists Infiltration Routes of Jaish Terrorists, Daily Training Schedule in Balakot Camp


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The dossier gave over by the government  to Pakistan on the job of Jaish-e-Mohammed in the Pulwama assault refers to global proof to demonstrate that the theological school in Balakot was really a psychological militant preparing camp kept running by Masood Azhar’s outfit and gives broad subtleties on the course taken by the fear mongers there to penetrate Jammu and Kashmir.

Portions of the dossier, gotten to by CNN-News18, features declarations of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp kept running by the US military.

“In a revelation to JTF (Joint Task Force), US Department of Defense, Guantanamo, amid an examination in January 2004, Hafez K Rehman, a Pakistani prisoner at Guantanamo, conceded having gone to a preparation camp kept running by Jaish-e-Mohammad at Balakot,” the dossier states.

The archive likewise refers to a Pakistani paper answer to support the contention on Jaish nearness in Balakot. “In another reference, the Dawn dated August 2, 2006 revealed about Defense Intelligence Agency (USA) dismissing under the watchful eye of US court about a psychological militant preparing camp at Balakot while preliminary of two Pak inception US nationals on fear mongering charges (sic).”

The Indian Air Force had directed pre-day break air strikes to decimate the camp in Balakot, which falls on the opposite side of the worldwide fringe with Pakistan. The legislature said a few best pioneers and authorities were murdered in the “preemptive” strike required by Pakistan’s absence of activity against fear bunches working in the nation. As indicated by government sources, 100kg of laser-guided bombs had hit the camp.

The service of outer undertakings had brought the acting high official of Pakistan on Wednesday evening and gave him the dossier, while likewise enlisting a solid challenge over the “disgusting treatment” of caught Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman.

The MEA, in an announcement, said that India had likewise communicated lament at proceeding with forswearing by Pakistan’s political and military initiative about the nearness of psychological oppressor framework in domains under its control. “It was passed on that India anticipates that Pakistan should make prompt and undeniable move against fear based oppression radiating from domains under its control,” MEA representative said.

CNN-News18 has discovered that the dossier likewise contained subtleties of the four noteworthy penetration courses of psychological oppressors to enter Jammu and Kashmir for the assaults. Fear mongers utilized Kel, situated in the Neelam Valley in Pakistan-involved Kashmir (PoK), as the ‘starting point’ to penetrate into Kashmir.

These were the four noteworthy courses utilized by JeM psychological oppressors for penetration:

1) Balakot-Kel-Sonpindi-Muri-Dudhniyal (all in Pakistan/PoK) > Thanda Pani backwoods > Juma Gund > Nar > Puthaa Khan Gali > Marhama Forest > Dolipoora > Kunan Poshpora > Didikoot (disrict Kupwara).

2) Balakot-Kel-Sonpindi-Muri-Dudhniyal (all PaK/POK) > Kainthawali backwoods > Bansawali Beihk > Shalabathu woods > Gugal dara > Awaoora woodland > Halmatpora timberland > Gulgam > Batargam > Gushi > Magam woods (area Kupwara).

3. Balakot-Kel-Sonpindi-Muri-Dudhniyal-Lunda (all PaK/POK) > Rangsar > Kalaban backwoods > Rangbala Nar > Jhakanaka > Gurdaji > Gagal > Lolab (region Kupwara).

4. Balakot-Kel-(all PaK/POK) – Thanda pani backwoods > Molang > Sundarmali > Gujardori > Kharban Beihk > Warsun Kachama woods > Kralpora (area Kupwara).

As per the report, the JeM fear based oppressors led distinctive instructional classes, for example, a three-month advance battle course called Daura-e-Khas and a development equipped instructional class called Daura-Al-Raad.

The general preparing plan as examined by Indian organizations and gave over to Pakistan is likewise exceptionally point by point.

0300-0500 Hours – Nafil Namaz/Tahajud/Tilawat (Recitation of Quran)/Fajr (Morning Prayer).

0500-0800 Hours – Physical Exercises, including running, pushups, jawline ups, sit ups, creeping, high/long bounce. (Finishing 100/120 pushups used to be a conspicuous measuring stick).

0800-0900 Hours – Breakfast

0900-1230 Hours – Theoretical preparing of weapons like AK-47, projectile launchers, Pika Gun, hand explosives and guns

1230-1330 Hours – Zuhr (evening petition)

1330-1500 Hours – Lunch and recreation

1500-1645 Hours – Fieldcraft. This included exercises about how to conceal/disguise, how to snare, and how to get away. It additionally included exercises about remote sets and Matrix sheets.

1645-1700 Hours-Nama

1700-1830 Hours-Games (football)/relaxation

1830-2000 Hours-Maghrib (evening supplication)/Tilawat

2000-2100 Hours-Dinner

2100-0300 Hours-Isha (Night supplication)

Authorities told CNN-News18 that the proof exhibited to Pakistan is additionally to repeat to universal network that India’s activity in Balakot was in self-preservation as there were knowledge inputs that more assaults were being arranged, and that Pakistan’s ensuing infringement of airspace on Wednesday was a demonstration of animosity.


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