Dealing With Lice? Try This Amazing Vegetable Oil Hair Mask!


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Managing lice is a standout amongst the most irritating circumstances a great many people confront. Furthermore, with regards to lice, it isn’t simply restricted to the individual managing it, yet in addition others encompassing that individual. Its a well known fact that lice is infectious and can make a great deal of pain a man experiencing it, including tingling, consuming or even once in a while dry scalp.

While there are various shampoos accessible in the market that guarantee to ward off lice, the vast majority regularly fall back on home cures as they are totally sheltered and normal to utilize and are practical as well. Discussing home cures, have you at any point taken a stab at utilizing vegetable oil to treat lice? Indeed, in the event that you haven’t, you should attempt it today. It is a standout amongst the best and favored decisions with regards to picking home solutions for treat lice.

In any case, before we start with home solutions for treat lice, given us initial a chance to comprehend what are lice and what causes lice?

What Are Lice?

Logically called pediculus, lice are parasitic creepy crawlies that are around a few millimeters long. They are typically found at the base of your hair shaft where they frequently lay eggs, increasing in size. The fundamental indication of lice is tingling and they make due by benefiting from the blood from your scalp.

In spite of the fact that head lice are not dangerous, they are infectious and are effortlessly exchanged starting with one individual then onto the next by sharing individual magnificence items like brushes, headbands, or even fasteners. Lice are regularly found in pre-school and primary school kids.

There are various home solutions for treat lice, for example, tea tree oil, liquor, infant oil, olive oil, coconut oil, vinegar, heating soft drink, oil jam, and even vegetable oil. Recorded underneath is a moment hack to treat head lice at home in the least demanding and the most financially savvy way that could be available.

How To Treat Lice Using Vegetable Oil?

You can treat lice at home by simply warming up some vegetable oil and kneading your scalp completely with it, abandoning it medium-term to take a shot at the lice, and after that washing off your hair toward the beginning of the day utilizing a gentle cleanser, particularly implied for treating lice. You can even make a natively constructed hair cover utilizing vegetable oil and dispose of lice.


2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp olive oil

10-12 drops of eucalyptus oil

1 tsp coconut oil

Different materials required

Shower top




Instructions to do

In a bowl, take the vegetable oil and eucalyptus oil. Combine both the oils until the point that they mix into one.

Add olive oil to the oil mixture.

Ultimately, include the coconut oil and combine every one of the fixings.

The pack is presently prepared for application.

Apply the pack on your scalp and hair completely and abandon it medium-term. Cover your head with a shower top to keep the oil from recoloring your pad.

Toward the beginning of the day, wash off the oil cover with a cleanser and conditioner.

Utilize this pack once every week for wanted outcomes.


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