Some nutrition facts about Guava


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Guava is loaded with nutrient C. Actually, it offers significantly more of the nutrient than a comparable measure of oranges. Several examinations reveal to us how nutrient C can help support insusceptibility and battle sickness causing pathogens. In this way, if a relentless cool or hack is disturbing you, basically snatch a guava.

As guava is a rich wellspring of dietary fiber, it is an absolute necessity have on the off chance that you need to deal with your heart. The fiber brings down awful cholesterol, which can add to coronary illness. Indeed, even the high potassium levels in the natural product help potassium brings down circulatory strain.

The cell reinforcements lycopene and nutrient C battle free radicals, which can cause disease. These cancer prevention agents additionally keep the multiplication of malignancy cells. Guavas are particularly ground-breaking in helping the treatment of malignant growths of the bosom and prostate.


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