What is Computer Vision Syndrome? Its causes and ways to manage it with Ayurveda


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We are living in an advanced world as a large portion of us invest hours before the PC screen to complete our activity for the day. These working hours’ increments with the work weight as it very well may be the explanation behind numerous medical issues and one of them is ‘PC Vision Syndrome’. PC vision disorder otherwise called CVS is a term utilized for the pressure caused to the eyes by observing the PC screen for a more extended timeframe. The primary purpose for this pressure is exceptionally basic as the PC screen is a brilliant protest and always investigating it extremely stressing which causes different manifestations and one of them is the agony in the eyes. Other than agony in the eyes, there are different indications which can be identified with the issue and some of them are

A portion of the purposes behind Computer vision disorder

A large portion of the instances of CVS are not ghastly wellbeing condition but rather with time it will diminish the work effectiveness of a person. The individual who is experiencing it won’t ready to sit before the PC for a long time as he or she needs to take rest or breaks following two or three hours.

Ayurvedic home solutions for PC vision disorder


The first and the best home solution for CVS is Triphala as it accompanies the alleviating impacts to the eyes. All you require is 1 tablespoon of Triphala or 1 container of it blended with a tablespoon of nectar and 5 drops of ghee. For best outcomes, you have to apply this blend for 6 to about two months.

Amla or Indian gooseberries

Amla is an incredible wellspring of cancer prevention agents which makes it the best home solution for CVS or for eye care. You have to apply a large portion of a teaspoon of Amla powder or Amla container on more than one occasion per day for something like multi month for best outcomes.

Saturating Eye Drops

There is the quantity of eye drops accessible in the market, for example, Isotine eye drops that can be utilized to decrease aggravation and to enhance dampness. As a large portion of the eye drops accompany their very own points of interest consequently it is prescribed to counsel a specialist before utilizing them.

Netra Tarpan

Tarpana is a particular Ayurvedic treatment for eyes, that calms tiredness and enhances vision. It is especially suggested for individuals who take a shot at the PC consistently for delayed hours, drive for significant lots or work apparatus, or for any individual who is enduring side effects of drained or sore eyes.

Almonds and Fennel Seeds

Almonds and fennel seeds are the key fixings to enhance your visual perception fundamentally. In the event that they are taken with Mishri, it gives extremely results and it helps in enhancing visual perception.


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