Mirzapur: A case was registered against the journalist who made the video of bread with salt giving to children as mid-day meal


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A case of feeding bread with salt to the primary school children of Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, came to light. Now in this whole case, a case has been filed against two people under serious sections. It is alleged that the journalist made a video of the midday meal of the children in the school with fake motives and wrong motives and the village head also supported him.

The police have registered a case under sections 186,193,120B, 420 of the IPC for conspiring, making false evidence, making videos viral and tarnishing the image against local journalist Pawan Jaiswal. According to the preliminary investigation, this video was deliberately made with the wrong intent, then it went viral. Whereas disturbances were never found in the school’s midday meal.

What is the whole matter

In the primary school of Hinauta, Mirzapur, children were seen eating bread with salt in the mid-day meal (lunch). The District Magistrate (DM) termed the matter as negligence of teacher and supervisor. He had said that the teacher was suspended on charges of negligence in the mid-day meal, while the supervisor was asked for an answer in this matter. The administration had ordered an inquiry into the matter.


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