ICC announces 15-day amnesty in Sri Lanka Cricket corruption case


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The International Cricket Council on Wednesday declared a 15-day pardon to members who have recently neglected to report any data concerning degenerate direct in Sri Lankan cricket. The pardon, which will keep running from January 16-31, will apply to all members under both the ICC and Sri Lankan Cricket Anti-Corruption codes.

Under these codes, both residential and global members are obliged to report, immediately, full subtleties of any methodologies, occurrence or data that they get to take part in degenerate lead. Inability to do as such is a genuine offense and can result in a restriction from cricket of up to five years.

Nonetheless, under the reprieve, any data revealed by a member won’t draw in a charge for their inability to report already. ICC hostile to debasement general director Alex Marshall said that absolution was held to confront explicit difficulties in Sri Lanka. He further encouraged players to approach and share defilement concerning data, on the off chance that they have any.

“This is the first run through the ICC has held a reprieve and it is in light of the plain explicit difficulties we look in Sri Lanka. Enabling review detailing of supposed ways to deal with take part in degenerate lead will aid our continuous and wide-extending examinations, and also empowering us to keep on building up a far reaching image of the circumstance there,” Marshall said.

“In the event that any player or member has any data concerning degenerate lead they should approach and impart it to us now without dread of any repercussions. We would encourage any member with any data that may exhibit degenerate direct influencing cricket in Sri Lanka to approach in the strictest of certainty,” he included.


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