ICC bans Jayasuriya for two years for destroying evidence of corruption, player claims innocence


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Legendary Sri Lanka batsmanSanath Jayasuriya was Tuesday prohibited for a long time in the wake of confessing to obstruct an anti-corruption probe by wrecking” the telephones which were looked for as proof by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Jayasuriya conceded rupturing the anti-corruption unit (ACU) code of the worldwide body on two separate checks.

“Because of the affirmations, he has acknowledged an assent of a two-year time of ineligibility,” the ICC expressed.

Be that as it may, he wasn’t given the greatest discipline of five years for his rupture after the world body took his “past great direct” into record. Jayasuriya’s authorization will be a predated one beginning from October 16, 2018.

The left-gave batsman and universal spinner is a previous Sri Lankan commander who was a key individual from the 1996 World Cup-winning group before proceeding to serve two terms as the director of selectors.

The 49-year-old was decreed ‘Player of the Tournament’ amid Sri Lanka’s triumphant 1996 World Cup crusade.

“Tragically despite the fact that I gave the ICC ACU all the data as requested by the authorities the ICC ACU thought it fit to charge me under the Code in spite of the fact that there were no claims of defilement, wagering or abuse of inside data,” Jayasuriya issued an announcement after ICC forced the approvals.

Jayasuriya was addressed as a component of the ICC’s examination of wide scale defilement in Sri Lankan cricket.

The Article 2.4.6 of ICC Code of Conduct manages “disappointment or refusal, without convincing defense, to collaborate with any examination completed by the ACU.”

The Article 2.4.7 manages “hindering or postponing any examination that might be done by the ACU, including covering, messing with or devastating any documentation or other information…”

Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager ACU stated: “This conviction under the Code shows the significance of members in cricket co-working with examinations. Convincing members to coordinate under the Code is a fundamental weapon in our endeavors to free our game of corruptors. These principles are fundamental to keep up the honesty of our game.

According to the point by point judgment transferred by the ICC, Jayasuriya was approached to hand over his cell phones after ACU GM Alex Marshall was fulfilled that data on the cell phones having a place with him in the period between January 1, 2017 to 22 September, 2017 “may be pertinent to the examination.”

Marshall taught the ACU group to “request” the two cell phones.

In like manner, Jayasuriya was examined by the ICC ACU unit on three explicit dates – September 22, 23 and October 5 out of 2017.

According to the duplicate of the judgment, the ACU group had explicitly solicited “Jayasuriya to give subtleties of every cell phone that he possessed, utilized or approached”.

On September 22, 2017, Jayasuriya educated the examiners that he had two cell phones.

Anyway the productive batsman of yesteryears at that point changed his announcement on the following day (September 23, 2017) and unveiled that he had two increasingly cell phones which got lost between May 15 to 23/24, 2017. These two numbers had last digits of ‘888’ and ‘088’.

He told the ACU authorities that those two numbers were not being used.

Nonetheless, Jayasuriya had no suspicion that the “specialists called up on the numbers with last digits ‘888’ and the telephone rang in opposition to his announcement.”

Be that as it may, on the second event when ICC authorities attempted, there was a mechanized reaction.

On October 5, when Jayasuriya was spoken to by his lawful direction, the player said that he had demolished the before telephone after a private video became a web sensation and he was “under pressure”.

Be that as it may, as per his legal counselor, it was his driver, who recovered the sim card and place it in another telephone. It was later given over to Jayasuriya, who at that point utilized that before ‘888’ sim to check instant messages.

The ACU unit had confirmation that between March 15, 2017 and September 14, 2017, many calls and instant messages were recorded on the number closure with ‘888’ which demonstrated that the cricketer was lying.

When his legal counselor conceded that Jayasuriya had deceived the examination, he was accused of pertinent areas 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 separately.

At the point when inquired as to why he admitted to the charges of having annihilated the proof as guaranteed by the ICC, he stated: “I acknowledged the charges for more prominent’s benefit and to ensure the respectability of cricket”

“I have dependably put nation first and the cricket adoring open are the best observers to this perspective. I abundantly thank general society of Sri Lanka and my fans for having remained by me amid this troublesome period”.

The ACU as of late gave an absolution in connection to Sri Lanka Cricket bringing about 11 players and different members offering new clues.

“The absolution has worked great and has conveyed noteworthy new and essential knowledge,” Marshall said.

“I am exceptionally thankful to the individuals who took part in the absolution and because of the data shared we currently have a much clearer image of the circumstance in Sri Lanka and our examinations are proceeding.


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