Vikas Gowda, India’s only CWG gold medallist discus thrower, retires


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New Delhi: Top discus thrower Vikas Gowda on Wednesday resigned subsequent to contending at the most abnormal amount for over 15 years, amid which he turned into the first and final Indian male to win Commonwealth Games decorations in the train.
The retirement of the four-time Olympian, who will turn 35 on July 5, has not come as an astonishment as he has not partaken in any real universal occasion since winning a bronze in the Asian Championships a year ago in Bhubaneswar.
His retirement was reported by the Athletics Federation of India on its Twitter page after Gowda sent the AFI a letter, announcing his expectation to give up.
The Mysore-conceived Gowda’s family moved to Maryland, USA just before he turned six. His dad Shive was a previous competitor and a national mentor at the 1988 Olympics.
Gowda, who holds the national record of 66.28m (accomplished in 2012), is a standout amongst the most embellished Indian competitors, having won a gold in the 2013 and 2015 Asian Championships. He additionally won silver in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and a gold in the 2014 Glasgow CWG. In the Asian Games, he won a bronze in 2010 and a silver in 2014.
He partook in the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Of the three, he could achieve the last round just in the 2012 London Games.
His retirement came only a couple of months before the Asian Games in Indonesia however he has been on the melt away for quite a while. He didn’t partake in the ongoing Commonwealth Games as
the AFI had made a strict decide that the individuals who don’t participate in the national titles, which fill in as choice trials, won’t be permitted to take an interest in the multi-donning occasions.
Notwithstanding for the Asian Championships a year ago, he was advised to come to Bhubaneswar the distance from the US before the occasion, to partake in the determination trial.


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