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What is a Website?

You must have listened about the website, and most probably you’re using it. But do you know what website is and why it essential for the business? Here we’ll discuss the website and its types.

  • A website is a set of publicly accessible data and an interlinked web page which share a single domain.
  • A web page is a document which is suitable for the World Wide Web (www) and web browsers.
  • A website can be created by an individual, group, and organization for multiple purposes.

How TO Check Website: Performance

Why you need a website? If you ask this question, you’ll come to know that website is created to reach the large number of the user to increase the business or the brand value. For this your website should be search engine friendly or its loading speed should be minimum or user-friendly so that it draws the attention of the user. Hence you need to check your website for the following by using several tools which are giving below:

  • Use some device such as GT Matrix
  • Speed test
  • Mobile Test
  • Mobile Friendly test
  • To check SEO Friendly website use SEO Site Checker

Website Creation



3.Designing and Development


Domain! Maybe you haven’t listened about the domain but it is a permanent address of the website such as your house or shop, or school or university has a fixed address. Here some point is listed which will tell you what is a domain in the technical term.

  • The domain is mainly used for the identification of the website. It is an address where the user can access your site.
  • A domain has a domain controller which control all the essential function and network security.
  • It is used to manage all user function including username and password.

How to Purchase Domain:

Before creating a website, you need to purchase a domain. Just like before building a house you need to buy a plot. For the purchasing a domain you need to visit some site, but GoDaddy.com is widely used for purchasing a domain.


When you build a house, it has some length, width & high which help you to store things inside it. Hosting is just like a storage house of the website. A hosting provides storage space to the website. What you upload on the website it gets a store here.

  • Hosting is a service which enables your website to be viewed by others on the internet, i.e., connectivity
  • It provides the space on its server
  • Mainly of three types i) Dedicated ii) VPS, i.e., Virtual Private server iii) Shared Hosting


When you visit a website, you see something on the website which is due to the designing part. Designing of a website is mainly done for the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). UI is primarily used for the styling of the website, or it can also make the website attractive. When you visit a website, you experience that some website looks beautiful and some don’t look that much attractive. A website seems appealing to the UI.

UX mainly provides meaningful & relevant experiences to the user. Hence both UI & UX are essential for the website.

  • Web designing is an essential factor in website creation because a good design directs your user where they need to go quickly and easily.
  • A web design tells about everything regarding a website including the content, the way it looks, the way it works, everything is determined by the web designing.
  • It is a process of planning, building, and conceptualizing of the electronic files which determine the layout, colour, text style, and use of other interactive features that deliver pages to the site visitor


An effective web designing demands some essential points which are listed below:

  • Should contain information which your user demands
  • Providing your brand message in a simple way
  • Act as a medium for the data through a blog or news section
  • Direct your user with the clear navigation
  • Must communicate your brand message effectively

Web development is the coding or programming that makes the website functionality according to the owner’s requirement. The web development mainly deals with the non-design aspect of the website, which includes coding & writing markup.  It helps in creating both plain text pages and complex web-based applications, social network & electronic applications.

Types of Website

1.Static website

2.Dynamic Website

Static website:

  • It is the most basic type of website and easy to create
  • It does not require web programming and database designing
  • Each page is coded in the HTML
  • The static website contains the fixed code hence the content of the page don’t change till it is done manually.

Dynamic Website:

  • This website shows different content each time it is viewed.
  • It is created by using PHP or ASP.
  • A dynamic website is easy to maintain hence most of the extensive site is dynamic. The dynamic website use or access information from the database accordingly to change the content webmaster only needs to change or update the database record.
  • As it uses database information hence, it is also known as a database-driven website.
  • The dynamic website uses client-side scripting or server-side scripting, or both to generate the dynamic content.

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