CBSE contradicts Class 12 Board Accounts Paper Leak


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Accountancy question paper for Class 12 examinations were allegedly leaked on WhatsApp and social media on Wednesday evening. As news of the leak broke on Thursday morning, the Board went into a huddle to determine whether the exam should be scrapped, even as students were in the midst of the three-hour paper.

Later in the day, CBSE denied any leak and termed the news as rumour only. “There has been no leakage of the question paper. All the seals have been found intact at all the exam centres,” CBSE said.

Some people tried to cause confusion by spreading rumours of a leak, CBSE added.

“During process of exam, however, at local level some miscreants have tried to play mischief by circulating messages through whatsapp and social media to disturb sanctity of examinations. CBSE has decided to take strict action against such activities.FIR is being lodged by CBSE,”, the education board said in a statement.

The development comes after Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tweeted this morning about the complaints received by him regarding the CBSE paper leak. Copies of the alleged question paper have reportedly been in circulation on WhatsApp since last evening. The same set of papers reportedly reached Mr Sisodia.

Mr Sisodia, who is in charge of education, tweeted that he had asked the Directorate of Education to investigate. He also said a complaint must be filed with the CBSE, which conducts the exams.


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