IIT Mandi launches six new Postgraduate Programs during 2017-18


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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi has propelled six new postgraduate projects in the previous one year between August 2017 and August 2018. The projects include:

M.Sc. in Physics

M.Tech. in Power Electronics and Drives (PED)

M.Tech. in Structural Engineering

M.Tech. in Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)

M.Tech. in Communications and Signal Processing (CSP)

M.A. in Development Studies

These projects were presented as a feature of IIT Mandi’s vision to be a pioneer in Science and Technology instruction, learning creation and advancement. With the presentation of these new projects, IIT Mandi is one bit nearer towards accomplishing its objective of 60 percent postgraduate understudies in its understudy quality in the coming years.

Talking about the significance of these projects, Dr. Pradeep C. Parameswaran, Dean (Academics), IIT Mandi, stated, “These new post-graduate projects in center and connected controls are outlined considering the scholastic and profession prospects of the understudies and with the presentation of these new projects, IIT Mandi means to pull in brilliant understudies from all over India for post-graduate examinations.”


30 for MSc Physics and M.Techs in PED, VLSI and CSP

18 for MA Development Studies and M.Tech. Auxiliary Engineering

Clarifying the idea of M.Sc. in Physics, Dr. Ajay Soni, stated, “The program has courses that cover both central and propelled zones of material science with the point of preparing the understudy to be equipped for working in boondocks regions of science and innovation.

Other than concentrate hypothetical and exploratory courses, the understudies are likewise presented to working in a venture situation as a piece of this degree program. Its goal is to draw in splendid and youthful personalities towards the forefront zones of research in material science directly after the four year college education.”

Talking about the courses, Dr. Narsa Reddy Tummuru, Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi, stated, “The program structure of M.Tech. in Power Electronics and Drives (PED) is arranged in an application-situated way through specific center courses with a noteworthy hands-on practicum segment, innovative work (R&D) arranged propelled level courses and undertaking work. The understudies are required to secure both investigative and reasonable learning in Power Electronics and Drives (PED) specialization.”

Some remarkable highlights of the program are:

In the primary semester, the attention is on Electrical Engineering Core courses, which are pre-essentials for further developed and concentrated courses. The center courses are required.

Research center courses are planned in order to run as an inseparable unit with hypothesis center courses and to acquire a more profound knowledge into the ideas learned in the classroom. Research facility tests are outlined in counsel with mechanical accomplices to convey condition of-workmanship practices to the educational modules.

Progressed and concentrated courses are offered to make the understudies mindful of the best in class in the innovation, to such an extent that they are presented to this present reality issues and at last sufficiently capable to handle them with innovation arrangements.

Talking about the M.Tech. in Structural Engineering, Dr. Sandip Saha, Faculty Advisor, stated, “The program centers to enhance the ability of the understudies for investigative reasoning and to upgrade the skill of down to earth execution of cutting edge information in Structural Engineering. Being situated in the Seismic Zone – V (most extreme), the new program will accentuate on the tremor safe outline and development rehearses.”

Further, he included, “The target of this program is to help the nation’s intense need of: (a) prepared specialist to manufacture milestone framework, and in addition (b) roused researchers to convey forward the front line investigate. Through substance of the center course, the understudies get expected introduction to different parts of Structural Engineering, e.g. Strong Mechanics, Structural Dynamics, Finite Element Methods, Advanced Design and so on. While, the elective courses are made arrangements for helping the understudies to cultivate their exploration enthusiasm for regions like Construction Materials, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Health Monitoring and Seismic Hazard Analysis.”

Dr. Hitesh Shrimali, Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi, stated, “M.Tech. in Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) program obliges both hypothetical learning and reasonable abilities in the area of chip outlining. The educational programs is upheld by the development learning courses of VLSI specialization in gadget level comprehension, plan, creation and devices.”

For a superior knowledge into the specialization, the center research facilities for VLSI plan and manufacture have been planned considering exploratory comprehension of the Specialization Core courses. The VLSI labs are a piece of the VLSI Center of IIT Mandi. It is visualized that assistant workforce from industry, for example, SCL (Mohali), STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, NXP, Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and so forth will be locked in to give mechanical encounters to M. Tech understudies. The proposed M. Tech. course is lined up with the vision of the inside for plan and creation of electron gadgets (C4DFED) at IIT Mandi. The proposition is likewise a piece of the uncommon labor advancement venture from framework to chip outline (SMDP-C2SD) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). MeitY will give subsidizing to the planned chip as a piece of the M. Tech. theories under the India Chip Program.

Dr. Rajeshwari Dutt, Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Mandi, stated, “The M.A. in Development Studies program expects to make a pool of improvement professionals or potentially scholastics, will’s identity all around prepared to take an interest during the time spent educated basic leadership. While the Core Courses are topical and approach improvement issues from an interdisciplinary viewpoint, Elective Courses go further into a control to approach an issue. While situated in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the course additionally centers around understanding the essential logical and mechanical underpinnings of a portion of the formative difficulties and their current cures. A compulsory Field Study segment conveys the understudies to confront this present reality challenges.

Dr. Renu M. Rameshan , Assistant Professor, School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi, stated, “M.Tech in Communication and Signal Processing program is intended to prep engineers who are fit for taking care of issues which are very pertinent to businesses. The courses which we have incorporated into our educational programs guarantees that the understudies are given a solid hypothetical back ground and in addition presentation to current issues in the territory of C&SP. We have courses like regulated research introduction and industry temporary jobs to help the understudies in achieving the previously mentioned objectives of the program. We have around thirteen employees and all around prepared labs and calculation assets to run this program. Five of our understudies are doing their exposition with industry and two different understudies are chipping away at supported ventures in house.”


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