Kartik Aaryan reveals when he will ask Sara Ali Khan out on a date


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A lot has been written about Kartik Aaryan and the daughter of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, Sara Ali Khan. Sara has often said that Kartik Aaryan is his crush.

In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar asked Kartik about Sara’s love declarations for him. Let me tell you that Sara has publicly stated that she wants to date with Kartik while Kartik also gave a statement on this matter in front of the media.

Kartik responded to Karan while referring to the old episode of the chat show. In that episode, Saif Ali Khan had said that if there is money, then take Sara. Kartik said, “I am doing the same thing, trying to earn as much money as possible. Saif Sir had said that if you have money, then take her away. She is the princess, I have to have a bank balance to take her on a date.”

Karan also kicked Kartik with the name of Ananya Pandey. Both of them have a lot of discussions nowadays and they are also coming together in the remake ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’. Karan said, ‘That’s why you are taking Ananya on a date instead of Sara.’ Kartik denied there is anything cooking between him and the girls. He said he is simply friends with Ananya.

As for Kriti Sanon, Karan said unequivocally that he knew she had dated Sushant Singh Rajput, but the two have now disbanded for “whatever reasons.” Kriti denied the rumors and said that she was never with Sushant. Karan still did not believe her and called her again.


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