Sonam Kapoor Shadi: Bride-to-be’s kalira falls on Jacqueline Fernandez !!


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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja became wife and husband. They tied the knot in a traditional ceremony at a Gurudwara, in presence of only immediate family members. Of course, a lavish reception would follow later in the night which will be attended by who’s who of Bollywood. Before that, Sonam and Anand were all about their awesome-looking sangeet and mehendi ceremonies, that took place earlier in the evening. We have been sharing regular updates from the party and here we have another one for you. Sonam’s BFF Jacqueline Fernandez and cousin Janhvi Kapoor were both in attendance and had a very dissimilar experience at the party.

We got hold of a couple of videos from Sonam’s kalire ritual, which fun ceremony where married women of the family tie tiny umbrella shaped golden hangings to the bride’s bangles. This signifies the love and affection the cousins hold for the bride and to keep her reminded of the same, once she leaves the house after bidai. After the tying ritual, the bride also shakes her kalire on heads of single women at the ceremony. It is believed that if a piece of kalire falls on a girl, her wedding is just around the corner. So, at Sonam’s kalire ceremony, Janhvi Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez were two of the volunteers.

When Sonam shook her wrists on cousin Janhvi’s head, nothing happened. And well, Janhvi looked more than relieved and walked away, while the ladies around her erupted in laughter. Janhvi is only 21 and sure is relieved to know that she is far from marriage right now.


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