28 Deaths in 3 States due to Poisonous Liquor, Yogi orders inquiry


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In the three states of the country, the toxic alcohol has wreaked havoc again. More than 20 people died in Bihar, UP, and Uttarakhand after drinking poisonous alcohol. Because of this, the danger has disappeared. The government of UP, Bihar, and Uttarakhand have has ordered an investigation in this case.

5 dead in Deoband

Talk about UP’s drinking alcohol in the Deoband area of Saharanpur district killed 5 people, 10 people are said to be critical. All were admitted to the district hospital for treatment. This incident has upset the district administration.

9 people killed in Kushinagar

Two days ago, 9 people died from poisonous alcohol in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. In this case, the provincial Yogi government has ordered an investigation. In addition, one excise duty and four police officers were suspended. After this incident, the district officials became aware.

7 people die in Roorkee

In the same way, 7 people died after drinking poisonous alcohol in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. According to the news agency ANI, the number of deaths can be 12. In total, around two dozen people were killed by raw alcohol throughout the state. Such stories also come from Bihar, where raw alcohol has caused havoc. After the matter became known, the government of Uttarakhand suspended 13 officials and employees of the excise department. In addition, four police officers, including Pradip Mishra, who is responsible for the Jhabrera police station in Roorkee, were suspended.


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