Navy, Coast Guard Deploy Choppers to Trace Four Feared Drowned off Juhu Beach


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Mumbai: The Navy and the Coast Guard have sent helicopters to look through the four people, who are dreaded to have suffocated off the Juhu shoreline yesterday, an authority said on Friday.

“One every Navy and Coast Guard Chetak has taken off from INS Shikra, Colaba around 0800 hrs to proceed with the pursuit and save of the missing young men off Juhu,” a Defense representative said in a discharge.

A maritime plunging group has been completing jumping activities in the territory since morning 0530 hrs, it said.

“The ocean condition is exceptionally trying for the plunging operations because of solid streams and waves. The jumpers are utilizing grapnels to abstain from being cleared by the solid streams. The jumping group will be pivoted by 09:00 hrs and proceed with the activity,” the discharge included.

These four individuals are dreaded to have suffocated off Juhu shoreline after a gathering of five wandered into the ocean for a dip last night, police had said.

One of them, Wasim Khan (22), was safeguarded. Those dreaded suffocated have been distinguished as Fardeen Saudagar (17), Sohail Khan (17), Faisal Sheik (17) and Nazeer Gazi (22), police said.


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