20 perky sangeet songs to dance on your bestie’s sangeet


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Weddings have to be every Indian households biggest carnival ever! Fanciest clothes and designer jewellery on display; sometimes even adults of marriageable age are on display for window shopping (#awkward). It’s that time when everyone is in a happy, upbeat and trippy mood. It’s that sanskaari club where you get unlimited food and drinks for a good 4 days and life becomes a relaxing holiday for that period of time.

The biggest perk of Indian weddings are the longevity of it. Be it north, south,east or west, all weddings go on for a minimum of 3 days and one of the biggest highlights of these functions is the sangeet.

Sangeet is that one ‘parivarik’ annual concert where each member of the family and friends showcase their finest dance moves. Listed below are 20 songs which will help you select your sangeet playlist to dance to on your BFF’s wedding.


Nachde ne saare:

This upbeat Katrina Kaif song is the perfect choice if you’re looking to dance on an upbeat number.


The royal Padmavat fever is high in the air. The song not has traditional beats but will also make you swoon gracefully.

Gallan Goodiyaan:

Gallan Goodiyaan is all about having fun with friends, its about being in sync and doing the hook step of this tripping number.

Cheez badi:

Showcase a bit of tease and up the sangeet quotient with this one.

Pallo latke:

Pallo latke is the best amalgamation of folk meeting modernity; highly recommended if you want to use your dupatta and sunglasses as props to add to the moves.

Kala Chashma:

A classic and a favourite on the list, one can never go wrong with this song.

Maahi Ve:

No list is ever complete without a Dharma mention. Maahi Ve is happy, breezy and easy to dance to, you can also include the elders in the “Chanda meri chanda..” bit to add to the emo-quotient.

Bole Choodiyan:

Dharma is definitely on a roll when it comes to shaadis and dances, bole choodiyan will ooze out the girl-ness and is perfect for your girl squad.

Sweety tera drama:

This one is to tease the bride-to-be, calling her a cute drama machine!

Drama queen hai:

Another one from the drama series, it is super fun and also bring in the energy up!

Cutie pie:

Because our sweetheart bride-to-be is a cutie-pie!!

Gal mithi mithi bol:

This song is perfect-o, if your dancing in couples, it will just make the mood merry and a pleasant site to watch.

Navrai maajhi:

You can also pull in the bride’s mother and make it all desi and dance-y!

Chalka chalka:

We all have danced to this when young, bring on the stage the old fond memories and tears of joy.

Kajra re:

This is sure to race and amp up the sangeet quotient as the song is peppy and will bring the mood abuzz.


Another foot-tapping number to bring everyone on the dance floor.

Desi Girl:

Who’s the hottest girl in the World? My desi girl!! Dedicate this song to your best friend and make her beam with happiness.

High Heels:

Need a song with great beats? Here’s the one for you.

Kala doriya:

This revamped version of Kaalakaandi is sure to make everyone groove and take on the dance floor.

Which songs are you dancing to? Comment and let us know!!

source: Pinkvilla


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