Debunking common contact lens myths


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While eyeglasses may expect almost no upkeep, contact focal point give clearer vision and the additional favorable position of staying away from cumbersome exhibition bothers.

In any case, there are some regular legends around contact focal points that individuals should quit stressing over, say specialists.

Bausch and Lomb India’s Professional Service Manager Khem Raj Nackwal and eminent Make-up craftsman Prerna Khullar, discuss some regular misguided judgments around this restorative eyewear choice:

You are excessively old or youthful, making it impossible to wear contact focal points: Parents regularly ponder about the right age for their youngster to be presented to the universe of contact focal points. Be that as it may, reasonableness for wearing contact focal points is generally settled on a case-by-case premise and age is once in a while an obstruction. In greater part of cases, As long as a youngster can deal with contact focal point he/she can by and large wear contact focal points and there is no upper age confine for contact focal point wear.

Contact focal points require excessively upkeep: Taking consideration of your contact focal points isn’t as badly arranged or troublesome as one may accept. Present day focal points are anything but difficult to clean and keep up, and your Optometrist/ophthalmologist will direct you on right techniques.

They can cause eye diseases: Most contact focal point related contaminations result from inability to watch appropriate cleanliness. For whatever length of time that you hold fast to fundamental cleanliness guidelines of utilizing contact focal points and stick to the subsequent calendar set by your eye care expert, you require not stress over disease.

Contact focal points are excessively costly: Gone are the days when contact focal points would consume an entire in your pocket. Contact focal points are not any more costly as they used to be.

You can’t wear reach focal points: Wearing contact focal points doesn’t mean you have to confine utilizing make-up. To evade any block, one should wear contact focal points previously wearing make-up.

Fundamental consideration takes you far: You ought to dependably expel your contact focal points previously expelling your make-up. This will guarantee that no make-up gets at you and harm contact focal points. There is no compelling reason to limit eye make-up to the absolute minimum on the off chance that you wear contact focal points.


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